Fatigue Life Analysis for Structures

Fatigue Life Analysis for Structures


Large steel-framed structures are particularly prone to fatigue failure due to the ability of small fractures to quickly propagate into the structural element. Such structures can eventually fail under repetitive loads that are significantly below the ultimate strength capacity of the structure at the time of construction. WINDTECH Consultants can undertake an analysis of structures of this kind to estimate the fatigue life of the key joints within the structure. The accuracy of this estimate can be substantially enhanced if a wind tunnel study is also carried out and reliable wind climate data is available.

WINDTECH Consultants can also provide load-cycle data to assist the structural consultant to undertake a study of the fatigue life.

WINDTECH Consultants analysed the fatigue life for the various key connections within the steel roof fin structure on top of this 300m tall building in the Middle East.

WINDTECH Consultants analysed the load-effect versus number of cycles for a number of key load effects for the steel roof structure.