Desktop assessment of Wind Loads on Structures and Facades

Desktop assessment of Wind Loads on Structures and Facades

Structural and Façade Consultants often require immediate input in the design process to fast-track the design. Windtech Consultants have the experience to be able to provide a reasonable estimation of the expected loads from the wind tunnel study at the outset, with the loads being able to be confirmed by means of the wind tunnel testing a little further into the design process. This minimises the amount of redesign that needs to be undertaken once the wind tunnel results have been issued to the Structural and Façade Consultants.

WINDTECH Consultants also provides desktop assessments for smaller projects or for structures that are not normally amenable to wind tunnel testing such as tall slender chimneys, masts, spires, certain types of façade elements and other similar structures.

WINDTECH Consultants regularly undertakes such assessments. With our extensive experience, we are also able to indicate to the Structural or Façade Consultants the potential percentage reductions over estimates by the wind standards at the outset, which enables the consultant to make an informed decision regarding the feasibility of wind tunnel testing for the structural loads or for the design pressures for the façade system.

Desktop Assessment of Maximum Net pressures (North Aspect)

Desktop Assessment of Minimum Net pressures (North Aspect)