Marina 106

Posted on 22 February 2016


Wind loads for a super-slim skyscraper

Located within the Dubai Marina District, Marina 106 has been skilfully designed by the National Engineering Bureau, to stand 445 metres tall (1,460 ft. 9) with a total of 110-111 floors (107 above ground and 5-6 below ground). Windtech Consultants had the privilege of working with the Gulf General Investment Corporation in order to conduct essential wind engineering testing and services for this tall and slender sky-scraper.

The Marina 106 tower is currently under construction and is projected to be the tallest residential tower in the world at the scheduled time of completion (2018). Although it is designed to stand exceptionally tall, the tower is rather simple in its design, with minimal embellishments to the exterior of the construction. This skyscraper will have a “super slim” composition, with a single rectangular tower progressing out of a four-story podium.

Located in close proximity is the Marina Gate development, for which Windtech also undertook the wind engineering services. These studies included the effect of staging as well as the effect of the proposed nearby future developments within the Dubai Marina precinct on the wind loads on the structural system and façade cladding. The wind conditions of the various outdoor spaces were also modelled and recommendations were provided where necessary to ensure comfortable conditions are achieved for the anticipated uses of the various outdoor areas.


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