Wind Environment

Over the past couple of years the number of skyscrapers being built in Australia and New Zealand have comfortably doubled. Today’s most ambitious designs are bigger, taller and because of that they need to deal with the wind environment a mile or so above ground. The latest building designs also seem to be thinner in […]

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Wind load response correlation studies (LRC)

At Wind Tech we use the load response correlation which was originally devised by Dr Michael Kasperski and Dr John Holmes to study wind loads on today’s long span roof structures. This is a state of the art approach used to study the overall effect that wind has on structures like these. Projects like the […]

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Wind Effects on Buildings

Skyscrapers have become the most common structures in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Some of the largest skyscrapers work as landmarks with larger ones being planned over the next few years. However, cities like Sydney are known to be windy even at particularly calm days down below. High rise constriction workers will tell you […]

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