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The Global Leaders in Wind Engineering, Wind Tunnel Testing and Wind Assessments

WINDTECH Consultants is an industry leading, global consultancy firm specializing in providing wind engineering studies of dynamic wind actions on structures and façades, bridge aerodynamics studies as well as environmental wind studies using wind tunnel testing. Windtech also undertakes modeling of Building Physics as well as various environmental effects using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling. Other services include Sustainable Design and Remote Monitoring services. Windtech have developed a close synergy with some of the most successful developers, building and project managers, architects, and structural and façade engineers from around the world.


Advanced Wind Engineering Research and Development

Through a culture of continual research and development since its inception in 1991, WINDTECH has brought about significant advances in various aspects of Wind Engineering. This includes the analysis of the wind induced responses of complex building structures, wind noise in buildings, effective natural ventilation design, remote monitoring of dynamic behaviour of structures, just to name a few. 


WINDTECH staff continue to adopt a flexible and progressive approach to engineering problems with the core objective of creating innovative and robust engineering solutions that positively impact the design process an reduce overheads to owners and operators.


Our Global Technical Support for Wind Engineering

WINDTECH has built up a global presence with technical support offices in 8 locations spread across the globe, and a portfolio of over 3,000 major building projects across 35+ countries. This has been testament to the dedication of key staff having over 150 years of combined experience in wind engineering research and its practical applications.


WINDTECH’s senior staff are actively involved on standards committees, technical review committees and have been instrumental in contributing to the development of standards and guidelines relating to wind engineering, wind tunnel testing, and CFD


Our World Leading Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling Division

WINDTECH’s building physics and Computational Modelling division has also developed significant capabilities using complex custom algorithms while harnessing the power of super computers, capable of distributing computations across more than 10,000 CPU cores to ensure competitive lead times.


For more information on WINDTECH’s Wind Engineering, Wind Tunnel Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelingand Wind Assessmentservices, visit our Services page or go to the Contacts tab to send your query to our dedicated team who would be glad to assist.


Mission statement:


  • To offer an exceptional level of service to our clients.
  • Always putting our clients’ needs and interests first.
  • Advance the wind engineering profession to improving safety and efficiency of structures.
  • Develop innovative ways to ensure safe and comfortable environments within and around buildings.