Tony Rofail presents at the 10th International Urban Design Conference

Posted on 21 November 2017


Tony Rofail, a director of Windtech Consultants, presented a talk on the issue of development controls for wind environment impacts at the 10th International Urban Design Conference held last week at the Surfers Paradise Marriott, Gold Coast, Australia.

Tony’s key message was the need to adopt appropriate and well defined wind speed criteria based on the type of outdoor activity. A proposal was presented with regards to the trigger for a wind tunnel study – that would be a function of both exposure and building height. A proposal was also put forward for the study area, as a function of the relationship between the height, width and depth of the building envelope.

Tony’s presentation highlighted the importance of allowing flexibility in the building massing but at the same time encouraging positive features for wind comfort and gave examples of the two extremes where no controls have been in place with regards to wind as well as the effect of too much control over building massing and setbacks.

Windtech Consultants have an unrivaled understanding of the level of comfort expected from both the occupants and the general public with regards to wind impacts and the most effective and efficient methods of mitigation.

Windtech have wide experience for both new developments and remedial studies. If you would like to discuss a current project please send your query to

You may download Tony’s presentation from the following link: 10th International Urban Design Conference.

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