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marina1Located within the Dubai Marina District, Marina 106 will stand at 445 metres tall (1,460 ft. 9) with a total of 110-111 floors. Windtech Consultants had the privilege of being appointed by Gulf General Investment Corporation in order to conduct essential wind engineering testing and services for this tall and slender sky-scraper which is located in close proximity to the Marina Gate development, for which Windtech also undertook the wind engineering services.

Studies carried out by Windtech included a pedestrian wind environment study and façade cladding pressure study. Results of the wind environment study indicated treatments were necessary to ensure pedestrian comfort and safety. With the inclusion of awnings, densely foliating trees, tall permeable screens, glass screens and other treatments to the final design in recommended locations ranging from the ground level to the rooftop terrace, the wind conditions are expected to be suitable for their intended uses in all locations.

The façade cladding pressure study was carried out using a 1:400 scale model of the development and due to its close proximity to other major proposed buildings, it was tested using both existing and proposed surroundings. The net design pressures for the façade were based on the worst case due the tower being residential and therefore the possibility that various windows and/or doors could be left open during the design wind event. As a result of the study being conducted, cost optimisation of the façade system has been achieved for the client.

marina12The Marina 106 tower is currently under construction and is projected to be the tallest residential tower in the world at the scheduled time of completion.