The Usher Institute, Edinburgh


The Usher Institute, Edinburgh

Windtech Consultants were engaged as the key wind consultant on the Usher Institute in Scotland.

Windtech Consultants assisted during the preliminary design phase of the project, undertaking a Potential Natural Ventilation analysis. The study was undertaken using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, which allowed for variations in the built form to be assessed effectively and efficiently. The entire façade component of the structure was assessed to identify the potential for wind driven ventilation for the development. The analysis was carried for 3 different wind directions to compute the approaching wind total pressure for each face of the façade.

The results from the analysis showed during which wind directions natural ventilation was effective and for which wind directions natural ventilation was less effective. Windtech was also able to identify which specific locations of the façade component could benefit from the addition of extra operational free areas so that there could be an increase in flow rate and cooling for those locations.

The analysis during the preliminary design phase of the development helped direct the initial design envelope of the development, by identifying critical areaswhere the development could benefit from some changes.By addressing these matters early in the project, this led to a more wind-effective structure and cost savings later in the design process.