Nile Street, London


Nile Street, London

Windtech Consultants have had the privilege of being a key consultant with respect to providing the wind engineering services for the multi-tower development on Nile Street in Shoreditch, London.

Windtech Consultants assisted during the preliminary design stage by providing input and recommendations to ensure suitable wind comfort conditions were provided. Winds that were exceeding recommended comfort and safety levels for outdoor areas were identified and treatments recommended to reduce the impact of adverse winds to acceptable levels. These treatments included strategic landscaping and inclusion of impermeable screens and balustrades at various locations around the development.

Windtech Consultants undertook the Wind-Induced Structural Loads & Building Motion Study using the High-Frequency Pressure Integration (HFPI) Technique. The HFPI Technique allows for the determination of accurate set of wind load cases to be applied to the structure taking into consideration, wake interference from neighbouring structures, directional variation in wind speed and the aerodynamic performance of the buildings’ geometry. The study also allowed for the determination of building accelerations to ensure occupant comfort during serviceability wind events.

Additionally, a Façade Cladding Pressure Study was undertaken to determine an accurate distribution of pressures over the entirety of the building envelope.