Windtech Consultants provided the wind engineering services for South Thames College development located in Wandsworth, London. The proposed mixed-use residential development is to consist of 201 apartments, a library facility, commercial tenancies and basement carpark as part of a strategic town centre site.

Windtech Consultants based on the wind tunnel studies on a detailed analysis of the regional wind climate of London through a statistical analysis of recorded meteorological data for the region. This data was obtained from the meteorological stations located at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports. This utilised a combined total of 138 years of wind climate data as part of the wind analysis.

Wind tunnel studies performed to accurately accounted for the effects of the previaling winds on the development included a wind-induced structural loads and building motion study to optimised the structural framing design and façade cladding pressure study which enabled the identification of localised “hot spots” while reducing the main cladding pressure design loads. Furthermore a microclimate wind tunnel study was carried out as part of the planning process and ensure that conditions satisfied relevent wind comfort conditions for use by patrons.

These studies for the development resulted lower design loads compared to code-based estimates and subsequently savings to the overall cost of the façade and structure.

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