Park Residences, Auckland


Park Residences, Auckland

A Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) system was proposed to control the excessive wind-induced response of the Park Residences development in Auckland.

A Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) system utilises water to counteract the motion of the building. The tank containing the water is designed such that the length of the tank, combined with the depth of the water within the tank, produces a water sloshing action which matches the natural frequency of the tower itself. The width of the tank is then adjusted so that the necessary mass of water is achieved to act as an effective damper.
Modelling was undertaken to determine the effect of the proposed damper on the various dynamic responses of the development.The non-linear effects were accounted for using Windtech’s tall building simulator rig. The process was able to account for non-linear interactions between the moving structure and the moving mass in the damping system (the water slug in the liquid damper).

With the incorporation of the TLD system to the design of the development, approximately 1.5% additional damping was expected to be available to the structure, and the relevant criteria for occupant comfort due to wind-induced building accelerations would be satisfied for this tower.

Windtech’s scope also included the installation of a long-term monitoring system. The system not only monitors the structural health of the building but also monitors the performance of the column damper, including the water level in the liquid damper.
More can be read about Windtech’s complete range of damper design and structural monitoring services on the Windtech BMS website.