Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • PhD(Oxford), B.E.(Univ of Qld)
  • Corporate Member, Engineers Australia (MIEAust)
  • Member, Australasian Wind Engineering Society (AWES)


  • Standards Australia Committee BD6-002 Wind Actions on Structures.
  • AWES Committee for the Wind Loading Handbook


Dr Nicholas Truong is a professional engineer with over 15 years of consulting, research and development experience in the field of fluid dynamics and wind engineering. Prior to joining Windtech in 2008, Dr Nicholas Truong was a research fellow and part-time lecturer at the University of New South Wales studying fluid-structure interactions and continues to supervise research students in the area of fluid mechanics from time to time. His research experience includes the experimental testing of gas and liquid flows, the design of experimental and testing equipment and the numerical analysis of large data sets.

Nicholas’ particular interest and experience is in the use of wind tunnel testing to study and design the response of unusual structures under wind loading, as well as in the field of air and liquid fluid-structure interaction mechanics. He is also responsible for Windtech’s ongoing innovation, research and development program to maintain Windtech’s position as a global leader in the field of wind engineering.

Nicholas has undertaken and supervised wind engineering studies including wind tunnel investigations for various high-rise buildings, large-span roof structures, stadiums, statues and masts around the world. These include numerous landmark developments. Nicholas is also a leader in the testing and analysis of wind loading and aerodynamic stability of bridges, including cable-stayed, arched, pedestrian and suspension bridge designs. This includes the initial design analysis during the concept design phase to assess aerodynamic stability. He also oversees the development and testing of static and aero-elastic bridge testing to determine the aerodynamic performance of the bridge.

Wind climate analysis is a critical aspect in the accurate analysis of wind loading on any structure. Nicholas also leads the climate analysis group at Windtech, who provide detailed analyses of wind speed and directional probabilities as well as seasonal variations in the case of thermal comfort studies. His analysis includes both micro and macro climate analysis.